Mobile Applications

Your website doesn’t sit on a desk anymore. It’s official... there are now more people browsing the web with mobile devices than with desktop computers.

That means your website is being viewed on screen widths ranging from 320 pixels to over 2500 pixels. These are wildly varying sizes, and they’re only getting further apart.

For all devices

synrg specialise in building websites that work just as brilliantly on mobile phone and touch devices as they do on a desktop. We call them smart sites or responsive sites.

Responsive sites help achieve an intentional design at any resolutions using a concept called Responsive Design. It simply means that the website layout changes shape and form to fit the screen.

Compatibility and accessibility

Mobile compatibility also needs to take into account that desktop computers utilise a mouse and keyword, whereas mobile and tablet devices use “touch” as a navigation mechanism. These considerations, as well as best practice web standards, accessibility, usability, responsiveness, and a focus on messaging, need to be considered when communicating across all devices.

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