SEO & Social Media

Online marketing covers many areas: SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords, Social Media Optimisation and Marketing (SMO and SMM). That’s a lot of buzz words!

Each form of internet marketing requires a different strategy to achieve the best results.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) refers to a broad range of criteria that can be applied to the planning and construction of your website, making it more 'searchable'. Keyword research in the planning stages of a website enables us to understand your target market and helps dictate the content that will be applied to your pages.

Planning your strategy

synrg works with you to plan your search marketing campaign, to help understand which search terms your customers use to best find you and your services.

Once your campaign is in place, synrg can help you determine how successful your campaign is by tracking usage with web statistics. Behavioural tracking allows you to view the sections of your website that are being used regularly and those that are not. You can then revise your campaigns based on that data to better reflect the information your users are searching for. This economical management of content saves you money and ensures your marketing is targeted and working optimally.

What we do

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