Why do Metrics Matter?

Our customers’ websites continue to exceed industry performance benchmarks by a whopping 174% across key performance metrics.

We charted analytics* data across four of our latest website design and web development projects and saw a massive increase in traffic and user behaviour.



This outperforms industry benchmarks by a whopping 499%.



This outperforms industry benchmarks by a whopping 509%.

Page views


No benchmark data available for this metric.

Avg. Session Duration


This outperforms industry benchmarks by 12%.

The data proves that intelligent digital strategy, award-winning web design and user experience design, coupled with innovative technology and SEO techniques, does make a difference.

“In today’s digital environment, maximising return on investment means more than simple keyword management and colourful graphics. It requires strategic planning, advanced technology and certified expertise,” says Robert Godino, Founder and CEO of SYNRG.

“Our ability to help our clients outperform industry averages reflects our commitment to becoming the leading Australian digital agency for digital and innovation services.”

When choosing a digital agency to create and optimise your new website, ask them this question: How well do their client’s websites perform?

Please contact Robert Godino to discuss innovation ideas for your website or digital experience.

* Analytics data collated 11 Dec 2015

So what did we measure?
We chose four of our latest website design and web development projects. The performances of the old websites (reported over a 12mth period), prior to our websites being launched, were then compared to the last 12 months of data across our newly implemented websites. We equally matched the 12 month period and reporting criteria. These figures were then further compared to performance figures across similar industry benchmarks.


14 December 2015