The high cost of failed brand asset management

As well as providing a repository for all your brand assets and brand communications, defending the value and integrity of your brand is core to any Brand Asset Management solution.

Why document and asset management?

Documents or assets, in whatever format they exist, contain knowledge that have financial and cultural value to a business. They are intellectual property and an organisation that cannot manage, share and distribute them effectively and efficiently wastes money.

The high cost of inefficiency

Time wasted in searching and the inability to find information results in poor decision making based on erroneous or insufficient data.

Charts 30Percent

Worse still, recreating assets and artwork that already exists wastes time and hurts the bottom line.

Charts 60Percent

Brand Toolbox and risk management

Defending the value and integrity of your brand is core to the Brand Toolbox solution. Data quality, brand compliance, corporate reputation, communication, privacy and security are essential factors in approaching brand risk management.

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25 May 2015